The Charity that I am passionate about is the Forth Hedgehog Hospital.

Forth Hedgehog Hospital is a newly registered charity (SC043091) operating in Fife which aims to provide care to sick, orphaned or injured hedgehogs in Fife, Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

We can provide support to animals in and around the Fife and Edinburgh regions.  We don't have a pickup service at the moment so we ask that the public drop off any animals we feel need our assistance.

We will look after the hedgehog until it is ready to be released back in to the wild at which time we will select one of our release sites to do so.  We carefully select sites that we feel meet the needs of hedgehogs in the wild and gives them the best chance to thrive.

Sometimes though, a hedgehog won't need to come in to us and you can help it with some simple things at home.  When you get in touch with us we'll ask you a few simple questions about the hedgehog and let you know if it needs our help or not.

Although we don't provide care for other wild animals such as rabbits, squirrels or birds we can still provide advice if you have concerns and put you in touch with other charities we work with should the need arise.

It goes without saying that we can only do what we do due to the generosity of others.  Whether it's donating money, your own time or other items such as food everything is greatly appreciated; not just by us but our patients as well!

Below is a list of items we always need.  If you have any spare or would like to donate please get in touch.  Everything you give to us will help to look after a sick, injured or orphaned animal and help to get them back to where they belong.




Cat food (wet and dry but not fish flavoured)

Pet food and water bowls

Small and medium cages